Salt Lake City Galloway Training Program

"This is the program for those who want to enjoy the satisfaction of training for and participating in a long distance event yet have a real life."

- Jeff Galloway

The Salt Lake City Galloway Training Program is a local group like many across the country using the time proven training methods developed by Jeff Galloway and used by thousands of people worldwide to achieve their running goals.

There are many factors that go into training for a marathon or half marathon and training with this group will help fill in many of  the gaps between having the desire to finish a long distance race and crossing the finish line  to get that medal uninjured and happy.

Here is what you need to start training:

  • The desire to achieve your goal
  • The ability to run (or run/walk/run) 3 miles.
  • A commitment to do your part of the training (weekday runs, good nutrition and a good attitude)

Here is what the group will help with

  • A plan to reach your goal. There will be a training program and schedule to lead you to your goal

  • Accountability for sticking to your plan by having a group to run around with – in all kinds of weather

  • Jeff Galloway’s book GALLOWAY TRAINING PROGRAMS, the most comprehensive book on training for 26.2 and 13.1

  • Direct Email connection to Jeff Galloway (training members receive priority response)

  • An Official Program coolmax T shirt to wear with pride wherever you wish.

  • Discounts at Jeff’s Tahoe Retreats and Running Schools

  • Other Galloway groups to train with when you’re visiting other cities (over 45 cities)

  • A one-year subscription to Runner’s World magazine, or a one-year add on to your current subscription (Marathon Training Program members only)

  • The chance to ride the Galloway bus to the start of the New York City Marathon (you must enter the race on your own) in Staten Island

  • The chance to receive a race number for the (often) sold-out Marine Corp Marathon!

  • Lots of support and camaraderie! 

The Galloway method is also know as run/walk/run, this is because the run is broken up by frequent walk breaks.  You can read about all the great benefits here.

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Group training runs will take place on Saturday mornings at various locations throughout the Salt Lake Valley starting February 28, 2015, with a fall half marathon program starting June 6, 2015.

Cost for the training:


Half Marathon Training

New Members  $95

Alumni (one previous season)  $75

Alumni Club Membership (two previous seasons)  $59

If you want to try out the program before committing, please contact us to get the time and location of the next run.

Make sure to also check out the FAQ page for additional questions.

To register for the program go to


Jeff Galloway presents a short course marathon training video using his innovative and vastly successful injury free method of marathon training.  This is a good description of the Salt Lake Training program as well.

Jeff Galloway with SLC Galloway Training Program Director Kathy Mukhopadhyay

I had never run more than 3 miles so almost every week I found myself doing what I’d thought was impossible. I ran 4 miles, then 6, then 7. I remember the triumph of running 9 miles and then getting into double digits. Wow! And then it was time for the half marathon. The feeling of crossing the finish line at the Utah Valley Half Marathon was overwhelming. I broke down in tears. I DID IT!
— Brenda C.