Q: How much experience running do I need to have to participate in this program?

A: The Galloway Training program for half a full marathons is designed for both beginning and experienced runners, but in order to stay on track from the beginning the minimum requirement is that you should be able to comfortably run/walk 3 miles.  If you need to work up to that level, you can find a program to help here.

Q: I know that I run faster/slower/different from other people, how will I fit into the group?

A: Runners of all speeds and abilities are welcome. There are different pace groups so that runners of similar abilities run together.  During the group runs everyone will be running slower than their fastest times because the intent during the long runs is to increase endurance not speed.  To get an idea about the training pace and run/walk ratios use the Magic Mile calculations

Q: What is the time commitment for this training?

A: Group runs will take place every Saturday morning and will range from less than an hour to 4-6 hours depending on speed and the mileage being covered each week.  As the training gets closer to race day the runs will get longer and will take longer.  In addition to the long runs on the weekend the training includes 2-30 minute weekday runs.

Q: I live in Sugarhouse/ Draper/ Taylorsville/ someplace else, how far will I have to travel for training runs?

A: Runs will be scheduled in various places around the Salt Lake Valley, this gives most people in the group a chance to have some runs nearby, but the need to travel some weeks.  One of the most common locations to meet will be Winchester Park in Murray  because it is a fairly central point for most people.  Additionally, members of the group are encouraged to suggest interesting routes that can be incorporated into the schedule.

Q: What does the training schedule look like, when does it start and how long does it last?

A: Training will start March 22 with the half marathon training being 4 months and targeting the Timpanogos Half on July 19 and the marathon training lasting 6 months with the race target St George Marathon on October 4. A second half marathon program will start June 7, 2014 training for the Big Cottonwood Half Marathon on September 13, 2014.

The training will look very similar to the programs on the Jeff Galloway website for both Marathon and Half Marathon distances.

Q: If all the training information is available at JeffGalloway.com why should I pay the registration fee to join the group?

A: There are a number of tangible items that you will receive with your registration - a tech shirt, training book, medal at the end and a year subscription to Runners World Magazine.  Beyond the tangible items, each Saturday you will have a scheduled place to meet the group to run a planned route in interesting places around the Salt Lake Valley and loads of encouragement.  You will also be able to ask questions and get advice from experienced runners leading the group as Program Director and Pace Group Leaders.  

Check out our blog for more benefits that our member have experienced.

Q: What if I had different question?

A: If you have another question, or just want to read more about the training, you can look on the Jeff Galloway Website or send us your question here.