Change. It's a way of life for a military family.

Renee Deremiah

Change.  It's a way of life for a military family.  Moving, new schools, new neighborhoods, starting from scratch and making new friends, finding the butter in an another "new" grocery store.  I'm somewhat used to change and accept it as it is something I have chosen being married to my active duty husband for 20 years.  But of all the change I have been through, running has changed me the most.  Not just my physical appearance, but mentally, spiritually...completely.

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Running, the Brain, and Joy

Sarah Maulden

My story is similar to the others posted here - I NEVER thought I would enjoy exercise, least of all RUNNING! Growing up, my favorite activity was curling up with a good book and moving my eyes left to right for hours on end. My brothers played soccer and my sisters did ballet, but I was too incoordinated and unmotivated to enjoy any sport on a regular basis. (I still cannot do step aerobics to save my life.) I also learned to fear ball sports after being injured while made to play with bigger-stronger-faster kids. When I biked or ran with kids my age, they all just left me in the dust. Years later I would find out more about why...keep reading...

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Jeff Galloway Made an Athlete Out of Me

Brenda Christiansen

Running. It was always something that other people did. Not me. I tried it in 8th grade when I joined the 100 mile club at my school. I still remember kids on the bus pointing and laughing as I circled the track. I clearly was not meant to be a runner! I tried running again in college and although more kind than my Jr. High peers, my roommates still seemed to chuckle at my funny running style. Yep. That's right. I was not meant to be a runner!

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How I ran slow in training and got a marathon PR

Kathy Mukhopadhyay

Running a marathon is hard work, not just the race but the training too.  I've run 5 marathons and in all of them I've incorporated the Jeff Galloway run-walk-run method into both the training and races.  Even though I've incorporated walks into my runs, I've approached other aspects of my training with a little more variation.  What I found that in addition to the well known run/walk strategy, there were two more things in the training that made big differences in getting my best time- slow long runs and fast weekday runs.

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