Running, the Brain, and Joy

Sarah Maulden

My story is similar to the others posted here - I NEVER thought I would enjoy exercise, least of all RUNNING! Growing up, my favorite activity was curling up with a good book and moving my eyes left to right for hours on end. My brothers played soccer and my sisters did ballet, but I was too incoordinated and unmotivated to enjoy any sport on a regular basis. (I still cannot do step aerobics to save my life.) I also learned to fear ball sports after being injured while made to play with bigger-stronger-faster kids. When I biked or ran with kids my age, they all just left me in the dust. Years later I would find out more about why...keep reading...

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How I ran slow in training and got a marathon PR

Kathy Mukhopadhyay

Running a marathon is hard work, not just the race but the training too.  I've run 5 marathons and in all of them I've incorporated the Jeff Galloway run-walk-run method into both the training and races.  Even though I've incorporated walks into my runs, I've approached other aspects of my training with a little more variation.  What I found that in addition to the well known run/walk strategy, there were two more things in the training that made big differences in getting my best time- slow long runs and fast weekday runs.

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