What to expect on your first day

By Kathy Mukhopadhyay

I'm a planner, I like to have a good solid plan when I do something.  This can make doing something new seem daunting and kind of scary because I don't know what to expect.  I felt this way the first time I ran with the Salt Lake City Galloway Training Program in the spring of 2010.  I didn't know anyone else who was going to be there, and I was going by myself.  I was worried that nobody else would run as slow as me, and I would end up running by myself.  As it turned out, there were people there faster than me, slower than me and the same speed.  Even though I didn't know anyone on the first day, over the weeks, months and years I made many lifelong friends.  If you are like me, and are apprehensive about taking the step to come and join our group then this post is for you.

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Running Gear to Get Going

Kathy Mukhopadhyay  

With training for the 2014 season starting in just over a month, I want to talk a little bit about what gear you need to get going with your training.  If you already have a significant portion of your home dedicated to your gear this may just be a review, but if you have a good pair of shoes and are a little overwhelmed by all the options for gear out there then this is for you.

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