8 Weeks into 2014 Training

By Kathy Mukhopadhyay

This is the fifth year that I've shown up in the spring to start training with the Salt Lake City Jeff Galloway Training program, and every year I am amazed at how incredible all the people who show up with me are.  It takes courage to set a goal of running a long distance race, and then follow up that goal with a plan, and then actually follow through with the plan with action.  There are so many steps where inaction can steal your goal and turn it into an unfulfilled dream.  So well done courageous goal reachers, we are halfway to the half marathon and well on our way to the full marathon.

Now for some pictures.

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Change. It's a way of life for a military family.

Renee Deremiah

Change.  It's a way of life for a military family.  Moving, new schools, new neighborhoods, starting from scratch and making new friends, finding the butter in an another "new" grocery store.  I'm somewhat used to change and accept it as it is something I have chosen being married to my active duty husband for 20 years.  But of all the change I have been through, running has changed me the most.  Not just my physical appearance, but mentally, spiritually...completely.

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